Campaign Statement

Commitment to Amateur Radio

Although I have only been a Ham for 15 years I was an early believer of the commitment that amateur radio volunteers make to their communities and wanted to be part of that effort. It has led me to a decade long service with ARES in various roles including being EC for Travis County during September 11, 2001. I inherited a very active ARES organization in Travis County and worked hard to continue to improve it. After I accepted the position of PIC for the section I continued to work with both the Travis and Williamson County groups to assist however needed.

I have also been an officer of the Austin Amateur Radio Club for many years, serving as Secretary, Vice-President and -here in our 90th year as an ARRL Chartered Special Services Club -I am currently serving as President of this fine group of hams. We are active in Field Day and many public service opportunities. I have been fortunate enough to organize two ARISS events while VP, one of which included the mission with Richard Garriott.

I am also an ARRL VE and have been certified to teach and administer exams for the ARECC Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

As a Public Information Coordinator I have worked closely with ARRL to constantly get the message out about ham radio to the general public. I have been fortunate to work with several dedicated PIO's in the section to assist in these efforts.

Professional Interest
In addition to amateur radio I am also involved in community outreach and response by becoming a member of the City of Austin CERT program and working with the City of Cedar Park police Citizen's Police Academy Alumni group. Through these two organizations we have provided disaster prepardness awareness and assistance to the community.
The future of Amateur Radio
Despite many who predicted otherwise, Amateur Radio is a growing hobby in the United States and the world. Many become licensed because they want to be involved in ARES and we need to continue to provide outreach programs to find and recruit these folks into the hobby. Once licensed we need to mentor our new members and ensure they feel welcomed into the "club" and become the future leaders of our clubs and our ARES groups.
Issues Facing ARES and the Section
There will be many challenges facing ARES in the near future. We will be addressing both Federal and State credentialing requirements, legislative battles, increased training requirements and the ever-changing needs of our served agencies. The Section will not be able to ignore these issues and it is vital we work and prepare as a cohesive team to address these issues and continue to provide the high level of response that STX has time and time again. I look forward to working with each of you on setting and meeting these goals.
My Goal

Although ARES seems to get the most notice, there are many areas that the Section is involved with. I want to work with key members in each of these areas and seek ways we can continue to provide, and indeed improve, our services in the South Texas Section. With your support, we can build a team to accomplish these goals. I need your vote to make it happens.

Thanks and 73,

Lee, W5LHC
South Texas Section Manager

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