About Lee Cooper, W5LHC
Section Manager, ARRL South Texas Secton
Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES®)
West Gulf Division

Past Positions held:

* Assistant Director of West Gulf Division
* Public Information Cooridinator, ARRL South Texas Section
* Co-Chair, West Gulf Credentialing Committee
* Member, West Gulf Legislative Action Team
* President, Austin Amateur Radio Club
* ARRL and W5YI VE
* Past EC and AEC for Travis County ARES
* ARES ARRL Liaison (alternate) to Texas VOAD
* Member, City of Austin CERT
* Graduate of Travis County Citizens Police Academy
* Member, Texas Severe Storms Intercept


I have over 10 years of experience working with State and Local Emergency Management agencies in Texas coordinating Amateur Radio backup communications efforts both in planning and implementation during large scale disasters.

I am a member of both the Travis County and Williamson County ARES organizations and have held several positions including; Assistant Emergency Coordinator (1996-2000, 2004-2009), Emergency Coordinator (2000-2004) and am currently the Public Information Coordinator for South Texas Section (2007-present). I am also a member of the State RACES program and a member of the City of Austin CERT program.

Locally, I have served as an officer of the Austin Amateur Radio club for several years and iam currently serving as club President.

As the Public Information Coordinator for the section, I have recruited several talented individuals to assist in promoting Amateur Radio and ARES to both emergency management personnel and the general public. These PIO's have done a great job of getting the word out about our service and our capabilities, resulting in dozens of articles being published as well as interview by local television media.

During my service as Emergency Coordinator for Travis County, I helped develop and launch the Amateur Radio Communications Hospital Emergency System, known as ARCHES concept to the city's Interagency Disaster Council which approved and funded voice and data systems to be installed in the EOC, Red Cross and all 9 city hospitals. This program was later expanded by the local COG to cover all the hospitals in a 7 county area surrounding Travis County and is still growing today.

I worked closely with City of Austin emergency management staff to ensure that ARES had a significant presence in the new Combined Transportation and Emergency Communications Center, a newly built combined EOC and 911 communications facility that centralized Emcomm and Homeland Security functions into one facility.

While an employee of the Department of Public Safety, I worked closely with the Division of Emergency Management to help resurrect the Amateur program there while promoting closer interaction by the State with both the RACES and ARES programs.

I was the author of a section of the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security bill SB 11(79R), which changed state law to allow for State Employees to be able to volunteer during disasters for a period of up to 10 days without loss of vacation or sick pay. It became law at the end of the last legislative section.

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